Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tales from the First Grade: SERIOUSLY?!?

You may notice that I'm coming a little unhinged recently. Why am I on the edge? CRAZY FIRST GRADERS who have a BAD case of SPRING FEVER. Once upon a time I had fostered a classroom full of thinkers and problem solvers. It wasn't an easy task but they were rising to the occasion. These days...not so much!

ME: Who were the main characters in the story?
STUDENT: Um....insert LONG pause....the author.
ME: No. Who was the story about? The CHARACTERS?
STUDENT: LONG pause....no response....
ME: (bangs head on wall).

STUDENT: I found a crayon on the floor!!!
ME: Be a problem solver. What can you do with it?
STUDENT: Put it in the trash can.
ME: Well, you could do that but what is a better solution?
STUDENT: Put it in the recycle box?
ME: Or you could go put it in the crayon basket.
STUDENT: Oh, yeah. I'll do that.

15 more days!!!

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