Monday, January 16, 2012

Tales from the 1st Grade: Tiger Claw

At lunch on Friday my principal came up to me and asked, "What happened to *student's* arm".

I thought a minute and asked, "You mean the scratch on his arm. I don't know."

Principal: "He told me a tiger scratched him."

Me:(laughing) "And you believe him?" (note: it was a small surface scratch. Not deep enough for a tiger scratch)

Principal:(grinning) "He said he was at the zoo and a tiger scratched him."

I decide to ask the student myself.

Me: "How did you get that scratch on your arm, for real?"

Student: "I was at the zoo looking at the frogs when the tiger came behind me and scratched my arm."

Oh, of course. They keep the tigers and the frogs side by side at the zoo so that makes PERFECT sense!?!

After a while I got the real story. He was running through the house with his little sister and scratched it on the sofa. He didn't want us to tell his Grandma that he was running with his little sister on his back!

They never cease to amaze me with the stories they come up with!


DebbieP said...
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DebbieP said...

LOL We are born into sin and it is so evident when we see little kids tell fibs so easily!