Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tales from the 1st Grade: Apostrophe

We're learning about contractions this week. I was completely exhausted after sending my students to their groups to be contraction detectives and find contractions in books. Here are a few (ahem) "highlights":

I lost 5 minutes of my life trying to convince a student that an apostrophe is NOT in fact a floating comma!

Quotation marks are not "a double apostrophe".

"one, two, three" is not a contraction! Those are commas used in a series. They are not apostrophes!

We'll be revisiting contractions and the apostrophes that go with them tomorrow...and the next day....and probably the next day after that!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tales from the 1st Grade: Bathroom Stall

Everyday after lunch my class stops by the bathroom before returning to our regularly scheduled program. I have about 3 boys that have to sit in a stall everyday at this time. The problem isn't that they need extra time to sit. It's that they ALL want to use the "big" stall. So they stand around waiting. I can see them standing against the back wall waiting. Once I realized that they are all waiting for a particular stall while others are open I've been hurrying them along by telling them to go in an open stall and stop waiting for the big one.

Today one of my regular offenders was standing against the wall waiting. I asked if there was an empty stall he could go in.

He said, "The other stalls are empty but I can't fit in them. I have to wait for the big one."


I told him he most certainly could fit in them and he better get in one now! I informed him that I could fit in one of them (not that I've actually gone in one of those particular stalls)and he's certainly smaller than I am!

They never cease to amaze me with their "excuses" (LIES) about why they can/can not do things!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tales from the 1st Grade: Tiger Claw

At lunch on Friday my principal came up to me and asked, "What happened to *student's* arm".

I thought a minute and asked, "You mean the scratch on his arm. I don't know."

Principal: "He told me a tiger scratched him."

Me:(laughing) "And you believe him?" (note: it was a small surface scratch. Not deep enough for a tiger scratch)

Principal:(grinning) "He said he was at the zoo and a tiger scratched him."

I decide to ask the student myself.

Me: "How did you get that scratch on your arm, for real?"

Student: "I was at the zoo looking at the frogs when the tiger came behind me and scratched my arm."

Oh, of course. They keep the tigers and the frogs side by side at the zoo so that makes PERFECT sense!?!

After a while I got the real story. He was running through the house with his little sister and scratched it on the sofa. He didn't want us to tell his Grandma that he was running with his little sister on his back!

They never cease to amaze me with the stories they come up with!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Favorite Things Friday: Pinterest

I didn't understand what the Pinterest craze was all about. Over Christmas break I decided to join. Now I'm addicted! I love getting classroom ideas, recipes, craft ideas, and lots of inspiration!

This cartoon pretty much sums it up!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tales from the 1st Grade: Distractions

Earlier today while a taking a math test:

My Parapro is walking around monitoring the students while I read the test questions aloud.

Student: Ms. Kim your pants are really noisy. They are distracting me....Ponders a moment... I think maybe they are to tight. Do they feel too tight? They're really noisy

A few minutes later I notice the same student covering his mouth and laughing.

Me: Are you still laughing about Ms. Kim's noisy pants?
Student: No. My mind is telling me jokes and it's distracting me.
Me: Oh. I hate it when my mind tells me jokes and won't stop.
Student: Yeah. It's really crazy!