Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tales from the 1st Grade: Bible 101?

Random conversation with one of my students:

Student: Do you know what's in the sky?

Me: What?

Student: God. Because he's in heaven. He died in like 1950 or something and now he lives in heaven.Before he died there was a guy who's eyes didn't work and God rubbed his eyes, he was healed, then he picked up his mat and walked away! Then God died. Now he lives in the sky in heaven.


Debbie C. said...

Love it!! :)

DebbieP said...

LOL! In Children's church Darin was talking about things we have to wait for and he was using driving as an example. He asked the kid's how old you have to be to drive and one kid answered, "Um, I don't know...when you are potty trained?"