Monday, April 18, 2011

Tales from the 1st Grade: New Menu Item

We did a persuasive writing piece. The students had to think of something they would like to add to the lunch menu and then persuade the lunchroom staff to add it. Here are some of the things they wanted them to add:

Zebra Cakes - because they taste so good
ice cream - EVERYDAY please
Hamburger Helper - because it's so yummy
Ramen Noodles - because they come with packs of salt
Cheesy Ham Delight - it's really yummy and cheese is good!
Zaxby's, McDonald's, and Burger King also made the list!


DebbieP said...

Does anyone cook real home made food any more? Whaddaya gonna do? The kid palate will always be like that! Too funny!

Rachel said...

I remember asking my mom, "Why don't you ever make Hamburger Helper like all my friends?". I felt deprived because my mom made fresh homemade meals! LOL!