Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tales from the 1st grade: Alligators

I often have my students walk like an animal when they are moving back to their seat. It gives them an opportunity for movement which they desperately need. I usually have them walk like a monkey, elephant, kangaroo, etc. Today I asked them to walk like an alligator. 3 of the 17 stretched their arms and walked snapping their arms like an alligator. The REST of them all laid on the floor and crawled to their seats! HA! I should have seen that one coming!

In other news....My best friend had a baby last week so I was out of school for 3 days. While I was out one of my students told my principal I had a baby. Today that student asked me where my baby was!

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DebbieP said...

Ya where ARE you hiding that baby anyway! RTFL!