Saturday, April 10, 2010

They're safe....for now!

Well, the good news is I'm not writing this post from jail. That means my little darlings behaved better on the field trip than they did the days leading up to it! I would have posted earlier to set your minds at ease but I was incapacitated by a crippling migraine Thursday evening and all day Friday. I haven't had one that bad in a very long time.

I stopped by the school today (yes, it's Saturday..) to survey the damage done while I was out yesterday and to pick up some papers to grade. I had several notes on my desk about students misbehaving. SO, 6 of my little darlings will be having a come to Jesus meeting with me on Monday. Especially the one who was "pretending to use the bathroom in his desk!". I'm thinking the others (who wouldn't be quiet and listen) will be enjoying silent lunch on Monday while the other students get to eat lunch in the classroom with yours truly! It really is more trouble to be absent than to go to work sick most of the time. But since I was unable to leave my bed yesterday (thank goodness I have a roommate right now) I had no choice.

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DebbieP said...

Sometimes I also think special events are more trouble than they are worth. When I taught the kids would get rambunctious approaching a holiday or special day. The end of the year is truly hard to get through. Summer is almost here!!!