Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tales From the First Grade: Drama

Well, the school year is coming to a rapid end (although some days it's not rapid enough). We survived CRCT testing. Everyday my students say something that causes me to think, "I need to remember that for the blog". I need to start taking notes so I'll remember them all but here are a few highlights of what I can recall:

  • CRCT Day 1 - We have to "cover" all the educational materials on the walls so that there is nothing that could possibly give a student an answer to something on the test. This is accomplished by taping large pieces of butcher paper (bulletin board paper) all over the walls. Just as I finished passing out the tests one piece fell. One of my more dramatic students holds her arms out and says, "Nobody panic. We know what to do in this situation." I looked at her with a "what?!?" expression. She says, "Sorry. I watch too many movies!"
  • The students were playing a math game on the Smartboard. The boys would jump every time they said an answer. One of my girls asked me why they kept jumping. I replied, "Because their boys. That's what they do." She says, "Yeah, I don't really get boys and I really don't get my brother!".
  • Overheard during ice cream sundae party today: "You got caramel on yours?"...."Yeah. I don't really even know what caramel is but it sure is good!"
  • "Ms. Harrison I broke my ankle."... Me: "No you didn't. You're walking just fine."....."No. The other ankle. You know the one on my arm (points to ELBOW).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A 1st graders retelling of Charlotte's Web

Fern had a pig. The mens were trying to kill the pig. The girl save him. The spier save him too. Wilbur win. THE END

They're safe....for now!

Well, the good news is I'm not writing this post from jail. That means my little darlings behaved better on the field trip than they did the days leading up to it! I would have posted earlier to set your minds at ease but I was incapacitated by a crippling migraine Thursday evening and all day Friday. I haven't had one that bad in a very long time.

I stopped by the school today (yes, it's Saturday..) to survey the damage done while I was out yesterday and to pick up some papers to grade. I had several notes on my desk about students misbehaving. SO, 6 of my little darlings will be having a come to Jesus meeting with me on Monday. Especially the one who was "pretending to use the bathroom in his desk!". I'm thinking the others (who wouldn't be quiet and listen) will be enjoying silent lunch on Monday while the other students get to eat lunch in the classroom with yours truly! It really is more trouble to be absent than to go to work sick most of the time. But since I was unable to leave my bed yesterday (thank goodness I have a roommate right now) I had no choice.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So close yet so far away...

31....That is the number of school days left in the 2009-2010 school year. Sounds doable right?! Well, if you were in the classroom with the 18 wild and distracted aliens that have taken over the bodies of my usually well behaved students you would feel like 31 days is an eternity! Seriously, I walked a students into another teachers classroom today and said, "can he sit he for a few minutes for his own safety?". Read, "If I don't get him in a new environment and take a break I'm gonna be in the newspaper"!

Tomorrow we go on a field trip to see Charlotte's Web @ the Classic Center. I've been praying the aliens away and the lovely students I know to be mine to return. Hopefully I will be able to blog about our adventures rather than have you read about them in the local newspaper - since they probably won't let me update my blog from prison! :)