Monday, March 22, 2010

We got 3 hours of sleep to pull it off...

This weekend I helped my sister do the flower arrangements for the annual Gala (banquet) for the private school that she teaches at and her kids attend. It's their big fundraiser. There are many items up for auction that have been donated by local businesses. The speakers this year were former UGA football players David Greene and David Pollack. They were both amazing speakers with really great testimonies! Here are a few pics:

My sis and me - We look pretty good to have had only 3 hours of sleep!

David Greene, David Pollack, my sister with her family (and autographed football)

The flowers for the head table.

All the flower arrangements had tall vases with fish....I didn't know my niece was taking a pic of my fish face!


DebbieP said...

Wow the flowers were GORGEOUS! I love the fish in them as well! I REALLY LOVE your fishy face though! It added fun into the pics!!!!

Melissa said...

Ha ha! I wouldn't have noticed the fish face if you hadn't pointed it out!

The flowers look GREAT!