Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tales from the 1st Grade: Bees

At recess today my boys (and a few of my girls) decided to try to catch bees! Here's the conversation:

Me: We do NOT CATCH bees! They will sting you!

Them: We're only catching the boy bees. They don't sting! Mrs. _______ (I'll refrain from naming the specials teacher that armed them with this information) told us so.

Me: But how do you know which ones are boys?

Them: They're the ones that don't have stingers.

Me: Okay. How can you tell which ones don't have stingers before you catch them?

Them: *blank stares* The ones without stingers are the boy bees.

Me: I get that. HOWEVER, you won't know if it's a boy or girl until you catch it and get STUNG!

This conversation went in circles for a few minutes. I was becoming quite exasperated....

Me: Here's the new playground rule - You will not catch bees at recess! It is not safe!If you are trying to catch bees you will lose all of your recess! THE END!

Sassy female student: The boy bees are all lazy and just lay around while the girls do all the work just like people!

End of discussion! Uuuggghhh!

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DebbieP said...

RTFL! Kids are brain damaged, let's face it! JK

Sometimes the best thing is for them to learn from experience. I wonder if God gets frustrated with us like we get with kids? Here you are trying to save the kids the pain of learning from experience and they will not listen to the voice of wisdom and reason. There is something I know we can all learn from this!