Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I thought the sky was the limit but I was mistaken...

Dear friends,

Most of you know that I am quite skilled making cheesecakes. I accept flavor requests and have even created my own recipes to oblige. I have come across a cheesecake that I will not create for any of you no matter how much I love you. Tofu Cheesecake! Okay, technically it's not even cheesecake because the tofu replaces all cheeses. So please understand that this is one flavor profile I will not oblige (yes, I know that's the second time I've used the word oblige in this post. Impressive huh?).

AKA Cheesecake Queen

P.S. Yes, I have tried tofu before. It was horrible. Don't let anyone try to convince you it isn't.


Melissa said...

Now, I like tofu - and my sister makes a vegan peanut butter pie using tofu that is VERY good!

(She's not a vegan - she spends time as a vegetarian from time to time, but she likes to bake vegan so that all of her friends, be they vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore, can eat it.)

Maybe you just haven't had the RIGHT tofu! There is a Vietnamese restaurant here in Memphis that makes a really good tofu with pineapple, or if you go to Pei Wei you can get your dish made with it.

Give (soybeans) a chance!

Rachel said...

I knew someone would be a tofu supporter! =) I admit I tried tofu many years ago (before it was cool to be vegan). However, I still have issues with calling a tofucake a cheesecake. It's just wrong!

The other issue is I'm allergic to soy. I can eat it but I'll be sneezing, coughing, and have red runny eyes afterward. =)

DebbieP said...

No offense to tofu lovers, but that just sounds wrong. Cheesecake is indulgent, rich, and when Rachel makes it, the best stuff on earth! Don't mess with a good thing Rach -you are the queen for a reason!