Thursday, February 11, 2010

How'd they do it?

This post is a day late but worthy of posting anyway. Yesterday the power went out at school from 9:40ish to the end of the day. No power meant no computer, no smartboard, and no copier. Technology is a crucial part of my daily routine and instruction, especially for math. So I found myself having to get creative with the materials I had. That meant creating an Addition Bingo game on the fly. It was WAY to windy and cold to take the students outside so inside recess it was. It was really amazing to realize exactly how much I depend on technology to deliver my instruction. How did teachers teach before computers and copy machines? Boring lectures and reading from a textbook?! Blah!

What I learned: Always have an emergency stash of work and games in case of power outage! :)

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Melissa said...

Anna Marie's school lost power a for a couple of hours a few weeks ago. Know what her main concern was? The ice cream in the cafeteria melting!

I'm surprised they didn't let y'all out for the day, though.