Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making Room

I'm getting a temporary roommate! A friend of mine was laid off recently and needs a place to stay for a while. After agreeing to have her come stay with me I realized I needed to make room for her. You see, the guest room closet and drawers have served as storage for me. She stayed with me a short time last year. At that point she was only coming to stay a weekend. There was no need to clean out the closet. The room and bed were clean. Now she's coming for an extended period of tine. I want to clean out the unnecessary stuff filling the space so that Ginger (my new roomie) has a space. I want her to feel welcome and to know that I prepared a place for her.

During the process I began thinking about my relationship with God. Am I making room for Him? Have I removed all the unnecessary clutter to create space for Him? I want Him to know that He's welcome. To know that I've prepared a place for Him. I don't want a short visit I want a habitation. So as we begin this new year I challenge you to consider these questions for yourself. Have you made room for Him to inhabit your life? Have you removed all the unnecessary stuff filling space that can be occupied by Him?

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Melissa said...

That sounds like a sermon from my pastor!

(That's also why some of my friends are fasting Facebook!)