Monday, November 2, 2009

Tales from 1st grade: Guess that word

Spelling word: hen
1st grader definition: it's on the end of your arm (hand)

You might be an elementary school teacher if you have leaned to read the following without student interpretation: (taken from actual student writings)

pardey - party
druthr - brother (reversal of b/d is extremely common)
uthere - other
poot - put
kuzn - cousin
utey - auntie
i lik to pway wit mi fin - I like to play with my friend
the shaplen is wet os I shud weyt - The trampoline is wet so I should wait
awt - out
chakalid - chocolate


Melissa said...

You should be granted an honorary degree in a foreign language - but which one?

DebbieP said...

There should be a college class on handwriting interpretation! Your job is not unlike a pharmacist
trying to read a Dr.'s handwriting! They are so precious though!