Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday 101

Prepare the night before....

Make sure phone's are charged and laid out.
What's in the ziploc bag? - Coupons, list of coupons, list of what items were at what store, list of who to buy for.
Put cash and cards in a ziploc bag OR your handy dandy Vera Bradley card holder.
How to organize the coupon list.

The outfit: This is THE Black Friday vest. It has ZIPPER POCKETS! No purses. Put ziploc bag, phone and Vera card holder in pockets. It's close to you. You don't have to worry about anyone grabbing your purse.
Wearing a fleece vest is smart because the stores are often hot and crowded.
A scarf is good because it can be removed if it gets too hot.


Light weight jacket and scarf. Keeps you warm at 4 AM. Can be left in the car later.

Have coffee maker set.
Set out travel coffee mugs.

An oversized bag to help hold purchases. (Thanks to Miki for my early Christmas gift)

And finally - Having your own shopping cart is PRICELESS (can be purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond)! We've had to wait and fight for shopping carts to hold our stuff. Not anymore! It holds the items you want to buy as well as carrying bags of purchased items! You WANT to have one of these.

Be sure to take Starbuck's breaks!!!
A post from the trenches with iPhone pictures will hopefully come later this weekend!