Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tales from 1st grade: Coffee

If you know anything about me you know I am a coffee lover. You probably also know that I'm not functional without it.

I have a coffee pot in my classroom. Inevitably the students will ask me about my coffee addiction and I will tell them, "I'm not nice without coffee".

Today was just "one of those days". It was rainy. I haven't been feeling too great. The students just could not sit still and were excessively talkative. So, I had one of those moments where I just stop teaching and let them know that the rules of the classroom still apply! After my little "get it together or lose some recess" speech one of my students raised her hand and asked, "Did you have your coffee today?"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Debbie C. said...

Okay, be honest, didn't you just want to tweak that little nose off her face?? HA!

Melissa said...

Ha ha! Kids are awfully perceptive, aren't they?

Debbie said...

That is too funny!