Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Book Review: Kabul 24

On August 3, 2001 eight western Christian aid workers captured by the Taliban accused of trying to convert Muslims to Christianity (a crime punishable by death). This book recounts their 105 days of captivity and the sham trials they endured. It's a story of how God is working through us, for us, and around us. When it seemed they had been abandoned by all God showed his power and protection.

The workers: Heather Mercer, Dayna Curry, Peter Bunch, Silke Duerrkopf, Katrin Jelinek, Heather Mercer, Margrit Stebner, George Taubmann and Diana Thomas. Members of Shelter Now International (SNI).

This book is a story of courage, hope and unwavering faith in time of crisis. As I read the stories I found myself wondering if I would have what it takes to survive this kind of ordeal. Is my faith strong enough to cause to me rise up and stand firm in my beliefs? What would I have done?

I found myself wanting to read this book quickly as I clung to every page. What happens next? Yet, I felt like rushing to finish wouldn't do it justice. I needed to take time to empathize with what these workers faced. To find a way to connect with them and their experience. Maybe it's because my cousin knew Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry. She had worked with them as they all trained to be aid workers and spread the message of Jesus Christ. It could have been my cousin Julie that was captured. It could have been my family praying and wondering if we would ever see her again. I'm so glad I read this book and allowed it to put things in perspective. These people faced the possibility of death for sharing their faith. I live in a country where I can share my faith without the possibility of being imprisoned and facing the death penalty.

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Debbie C. said...

I've wanted to read this story for a long time. I really want to now. Thanks for sharing the review!

Rachel said...

I really want to watch the DVD now! The book was SO good!

Melissa said...

Wow - it's so humbling to realize how sheltered we are over here.

(BTW - just finished my first review. You are too quick girl!)