Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More tales from the 1st grade...

This is the conversation that took place in 1st grade today:

Me: "You're going to draw a picture of yourself. Before you draw think about color. Are people green?"

Students: "No."

Me: "No one here has blue hair do they?"

Students: (giggling) "No"

Me: "And no one has orange hair do they?"

Students: "You do Ms. Harrison"

Me: "It's not orange"

Student: "It's red and yellow"

Me: "Yes, and tomorrow it may be purple. My hair color is always subject to change"

... My hair will not be purple tomorrow. It will still be red and yellow (which does make orange, I know!). I love 1st grade!


rick womack said...

your hair is orange - sorry, we didn't tell you...

Melissa said...

Ha ha! For April Fools, you should come in with purple hair (temporary, of course!)

Rachel said...

Rick - :P Ummm, I haven't colored my hair since EASTER! (I know it's a record) and since you haven't seen me lately you have no idea what color it is! Love you!

Melissa - I actually thought about doing that at some point! :) Our VP has told the students she will dye her hair blue if every student in the whole school is present on the same day.