Thursday, July 23, 2009

I couldn't decide...

...what to blog about. It was between:

* how there's really no need to click on any of the links under "friend's blogs" on my page because apparently most of my blogging friends do not really blog anymore! I've started reading friends of friends (who used to be active bloggers) blogs.

But I decided not to blog about that. So I thought about:

* how I got a phone call in the middle of my "getting ready" routine so I forgot I had only put deodorant under one arm but not the other. How I then ran a full load of clothes in the washer but forgot to put laundry detergent in so I had to re-wash them...although I did consider the fact that 2 shirts had stain remover on them when they went in so technically there was some sort of soap in there.

But I decided not to go that route either.

* Then one of my friend's told me she saw a really funny church sign the other day. So I was going to blog on that. But she couldn't remember what it said. We actually went driving by the church sporting the sign but alas they had changed it to something not so bad!

So I finally decided to blog about....

*all the things I was going to blog about but somehow didn't seem blog worthy.


* the craving I had for coffee ice cream which sent me to "The Marble Slab" ice cream place (where we went after searching for the above mentioned church sign). I got a cone of coffee ice cream with caramel and heath bar!!!!! HEAVENLY!!!


Melissa said...

Blogger who doesn't really blog anymore. Guilty as charged.

I'm such a slacker now that I'm on Facebook! It's horrible.

That ice cream sounds so good - it's funny, Jason doesn't like coffee, but when we had a Cold Stone Creamery in our area he'd get coffee ice cream!

(My word verification was "blessit." How cool is that?)

Rachel said...

Believe it or not you update your blog more than most of my other friends. Some have them haven't blogged in months! And I'm not so great at blogging regularly either. Just wait 'til I go back to work next week! :)

"blessit" - that's awesome!