Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And you thought I was baseball illiterate...

Anyone that knows me well (or at all) knows I'm not a huge sports person. I do have more knowledge than I let on sometimes. It's WAY fun to mess with people during a game and ask about the the touchdown they just made in that baseball game... :)

Anyway, this story makes me feel like a sports genius!

Jamison (my nephew) needed a new bat. My sister took him to a sports shop in the mall. They were arguing about a particular bat. She didn't think it was a good one. He said it was because it was an Easton.....

SO, he decides to ask the girl that worked in the store if it was a good bat. He asks her. She replies, "What position is it for?"! SERIOUSLY? He cuts his eyes to my sister and refrains from any sarcastic comment (which is a miracle). He says, "to hit the ball".

THEN, she asks how old he is. He says 10. She proceeds to hold the bat up beside him to see how tall it is compared to him! (Even I know this is NOT how you choose a bat). She decides that it's a good height for him.

We decide to leave the mall and go to another sports equipment store that has employees that actually know what they are talking about!

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