Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am not much of a New Year's Resolution maker. Maybe because I 'm not a big fan of change (even though I know it's necessary) or maybe because most people don't follow through with them so why bother. I have been thinking about the need for vision. In churches if there is not a clear vision nobody knows where your headed or what your goals are. It's critical that there is vision. So with all that said here's what I've decided:

For the past few years I have joined in with Jentezen Franklin's church in a 21 day first fruits fast. I have signed up to do the same this year. (Sidenote: It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Since I did my first 21 day fast a few years ago I have fasted more throughout the year and for different things than ever before). SO, I am going to spend that 21 days asking God what it is He wants for me this coming year. What are His plans for me (they are always so much better than my plans). What is the vision I need to catch for my life? I'm sure this journey will prove more meaningful than a list of resolutions I come up with on my own...I certainly hope so!


Debbie C. said...

Love the new look. The fast sounds amazing and I may join you. I can't go totally without food so need to find an alternative. Maybe we can visit about this. Love and appreciate you and Happy New Year!!

Rachel said...

Thanks! I thought it was time for a new look.
I don't do a total fast. My students would hate me! :)
I usually do the Daniel Fast which is giving up breads, meats and sweets. Jentezen does some great teaching on fasting and types of fasts.

Melissa said...

Our pastor has called for a 21-day fast starting on Monday. (It would've been Sunday, but our youth minister's baby shower had to be moved to Sunday, and he didn't want folks to have to be fasting!)

I've really been praying the last few days about what I need to fast. I can't totally go without food because I do have a job and a family to take care of (and I don't think either place would enjoy a foodless me) but I know God will speak to me between now and next week.