Sunday, December 7, 2008


I'm a little behind on my blog writing and until this weekend ALOT behind in my blog reading! I've tried to visit my favorite blogger's and maybe leave a comment so you know I'm still following. I have several thoughts about new blogs and they will be coming. Until then here are a few "tidbits" from my oh so crazy life!

* Thanksgiving pictures and blog are coming. My camera is at school right now and I keep forgetting to bring it home.

* Dr. Pepper or....If you know me you know there are 2 drinks I love. Coffee and Dr. Pepper. I often go to restaurants and ask for "Dr. Pepper" and get the "Is Mr. Pibb okay" comment. Yes, it is. They are basically the same drink. (sidenote: some of you know I purposely ask for Dr. Pepper when I know they have Mr. Pibb just to hear them say "Mr. Pibb" with a great accent). Anyway, the other day I went to a restaurant and asked for "Dr. Pepper". The response was "we have root beer is that okay?". WHAT? NO! How do you make the leap from "Dr. Pepper to Root Beer"? Other than the fact they are both soda and dark in color there is NO similarity. I hate root beer!

*The Church Christmas Performance: I was asked to sing a solo in the Christmas performance. I've done this song for several years and agreed. Now, the first year I sang it my mic did not work. Half way through I switched mics and it was great. The good news is I have a REALLY loud voice and could be heard without the mic. Friday night we had a Dinner Theatre performance. Behind the stage we were remembering the year my mic didn't work. I put a new battery in my mic and got ready for the curtain to open. Earlier the sound guy told me he put some effects on my mic and wanted to know what I thought about them. So I start singing and....the mic is not working. The lights are on but no sound. REALLY?! So I smile, give Ian the eye to get me a new mic, and keep on singing. I told the sound guy I wasn't crazy about the new effects (HA!) and I told Ian I would like to retire that's cursed! I was told that I could be heard even in the back without the mic. Good thing God gave me these great pipes! =D

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Melissa said...

Dr. Pepper and root beer are most definitely not the same thing! What on earth was that person thinking?