Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why I love Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving Traditions: Several years ago my sister and began creating the perfect Thanksgiving week. This is how it goes:

She's off Monday and Tuesday and cleans her house. I arrive Tuesday night.

Tuesday night we create the menu... some things are standard some new. We always try out one new dessert and make one fail proof dessert (this year it will be Pumpkin Toffee Cheescake per her husband's request). After the menu is created we go to the grocery store (without the kids!)

Wednesday- Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then back home to start cooking. We mix all the casseroles, side dishes and make the desserts. Then eat dinner out.

Thursday - Take the food out of the fridge to get it to room temperature. Go to K-mart and shop at 7 Am because they are open. Come home by 10 and begin cooking. Her in-laws arrive and we have a great meal with too much food. Then it's time to scope out the sales papers and make a game plan. Who has what on sale? What time do they open? What do we need? Clip coupons. Make a detailed list with all this info.

Friday- Up at 4:30. Out the door by 4:45 0r 5. Shopping ALL day long following the list we made the day before. IHOP for breakfast around 10. Starbuck's anytime we start losing fuel.
Get home around 5 or 6. Maybe go out to dinner. Preferably crash and eat left overs.

Saturday - Send the kids to the basement and have a gift wrapping party. All the gifts bought the day before get wrapped and placed under the tree. Most of the Christmas shopping is done. Occasionly there are a few gifts to still buy. I return home late Saturday for church on Sunday and a much needed rest.

We have this thing down to a science now! We look forward to it all year long. I'll try to take and post pictures of our adventures this year. We are a sight to see!


superstarr said...

This is great!!
Have fun!

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing your fun with us! Would you be willing to share your cheesecake recipe? It sounds so good! You are such a great cheesecake chef!

You said y'all mix the casseroles on Wednesday...that means you get them ready to cook, but not cook them ahead of time, right? I always have trouble figuring out how to get everything cooked as it all won't fit into the oven so any advice is greatly appreciated.

Rachel said...

I e-mailed you the cheesecake recipe!

Yes, we mix the casseroles the day before. We leave the cracker crumb topping off of the broccoli casserole so it doesn't soak up the moisture. Take the casseroles out the next morning and let them sit on the counter to get room temp. It speeds up the cooking time! This makes Thanksgiving Day SO much less stressful and efficient!

Debbie said...

Thanks for the tips, I'm going to try that!

Anonymous said...

Well I should have known that you were one those people that make retail people like me have to go to work at 6am., well it will be ok if you come to att and buy and IPHONE for someone's Christmas!!!