Sunday, August 31, 2008

TP Trauma

I tried to make a quick trip in to Walmart yesterday. I only needed a few items and thought it was possible. I was zipping through my list and was walking briskly through the store when I'm approached by a little old lady pushing a cart full of toilet paper. She has a roll on a silver platter (no I'm not making this up). She says "have you tried the new charmin?". "No ma'am", I reply still moving. She says, "you should feel how soft it is". "Um, no thanks I'm not interested". So she picks the silver platter up (holding a roll of toilet paper) and puts it in front of me. "Just feel it, it's so soft". I really don't have any desire to "feel" your toilet paper! I finally give in and give a quick squeeze so she'll leave me alone! Nope, now she thinks I've felt it I surely must want some! NO!! I finally say "I like my toilet paper and have no desire to change brands, thanks!". Then I walk faster than she can keep up thinking "Did that really just happen?" and Did I really just say "I like my toilet paper" in the middle of Walmart! Good Grief!


Melissa said...

As Anna Marie might say, "That's kinda creepy."

It's like something out of a nightmare, isn't it? Being chased down in the store by a little old lady bearing toilet paper?

"Come on, dearie! Just try it! You know you want to!"


superstarr said...

Anyone else hear the Twilight Zone theme song??
'Crazy Tales of Off the Wall Walmart Employees'

Debbie said...

That is just too weird for words! This could only happen to you Rachel! (just kidding) I might have been tempted to laugh really hard and offend the little old lady so I'm glad it wasn't me!

Anonymous said...

All she wanted you to do was squeeze the charmin?!?!? Wasn't that Mr. whipple on those commercials, you maybe to young for that?!?!?