Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Survived!

I made it through the first 2 days of school. I have an awesome class. I really couldn't believe how smooth everything went. I did have one student get on the wrong bus the first day. I was in the office when they brought him back. He was scared but I gave him a candy bar and water while he waited for mom to come pick him up. I made sure he got on the right bus the next day!

I've been working long and late hours to get it all done. I still have lots to do but for my sanity I'm taking today off! It's PJ and movie Saturday! I need my rest to make it through a full week with students next week!


Debbie C. said...

glad all went well and you survived. I thought about ya. Yeah for PJ's and movies, that's the best kind of relaxation!!

rick womack said...

i can totally identify with the long and late side of things...glad you had a great start for the year

Melissa said...

We had a pretty eventful first couple of days - especially Thursday, when the kids couldn't go outside because of the weather, and then the lights went out!

Glad you made it through!

Debbie said...

Beginning a new school year at a new school is always so stressful, so I am so glad you got off to a good start!