Sunday, August 31, 2008

TP Trauma

I tried to make a quick trip in to Walmart yesterday. I only needed a few items and thought it was possible. I was zipping through my list and was walking briskly through the store when I'm approached by a little old lady pushing a cart full of toilet paper. She has a roll on a silver platter (no I'm not making this up). She says "have you tried the new charmin?". "No ma'am", I reply still moving. She says, "you should feel how soft it is". "Um, no thanks I'm not interested". So she picks the silver platter up (holding a roll of toilet paper) and puts it in front of me. "Just feel it, it's so soft". I really don't have any desire to "feel" your toilet paper! I finally give in and give a quick squeeze so she'll leave me alone! Nope, now she thinks I've felt it I surely must want some! NO!! I finally say "I like my toilet paper and have no desire to change brands, thanks!". Then I walk faster than she can keep up thinking "Did that really just happen?" and Did I really just say "I like my toilet paper" in the middle of Walmart! Good Grief!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tales from 1st grade

It' been a long few weeks settling in to a new school and new grade. I have a great group of students. Here are a couple of my favorite stories so far:

* Hanitizer - this is what one of my students (who happens to be OCD) calls hand sanitizer. For some reason the other students have also adopted this term.

* Highlights - one of my students asked me if I have highlights in my hair. I said 'no'. She replied that I should think about getting some to stick in my hair! Thank you fashion police...and you don't exactly "stick" highlights in.

*Peanut Butter crackers - My students take turns bringing in snack for the class. One parent asked if peanut butter crackers would be okay. "Sure, that's great", I said. Well the next day I find a bag of snacks sitting on my desk. I unpack a box of crackers, a jar of peanut butter, and cheese spread! Like I have time to assemble peanut butter crackers! (I'll be more specific next time). BUT being the super teacher that I am I created a lesson plan for this snack activity (they gotta eat. I believe hungry kids can't learn). We're learning about short vowels. I said vowels are the glue (peanut butter) that holds words (crackers)together! Pretty impressive for only being on my first cup of coffee! :)

I'm sure there will be more to come....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Why I went to Technology Boot Camp this week....

This video pretty much sums up why I needed to learn all the amazing technology that available to make my teaching relevant for today's kids.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Survived!

I made it through the first 2 days of school. I have an awesome class. I really couldn't believe how smooth everything went. I did have one student get on the wrong bus the first day. I was in the office when they brought him back. He was scared but I gave him a candy bar and water while he waited for mom to come pick him up. I made sure he got on the right bus the next day!

I've been working long and late hours to get it all done. I still have lots to do but for my sanity I'm taking today off! It's PJ and movie Saturday! I need my rest to make it through a full week with students next week!