Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Highlights

I've been home from vacation for almost a week now. One would think that a single teacher with summers off would be better at blogging regularly. Sorry. It seems that moving to Athens was a great move for me and I actually stay pretty busy with friends. I'm going to use Rick's "blogging by bullets" method of blogging to hit the highlights.

I started the journey in Douglasville with my sister and her family.

* We flew (because my sister is a terrible traveler) to VA to see my parents. I left my car at her house (in the garage so my brother-in-law wouldn't hit it again).

*The plane ride there was rather bumpy. Not scary bumpy but definitely more turbulent than I've experienced before.

*We took Mom and Dad out to dinner (Mother's Day/Father's Day gift).

* The next day we drove to North Carolina to see my grandma and other family.

*I got my North Carolina BBQ and stew! My sister and I usually share meals but I refused to share my NC BBQ with her.

*The next day we went to a family friends house. Kayla wanted to learn how to shoot a hunting rifle. My dad agreed. After some instruction at home we went out in our friend's field and set up targets. Her face was absolutley PRICELESS the first time she shot the gun. The loud sound and slight kick was more than she expected! Despite the shock she's a very good shot!

*I shot the shotgun. I've done it before no big deal. Then dad pulled out the revolver and 45. That's a whole new experience. I'm a terrible shot with handguns. I think I lost some hearing after the 45! Dad would like me to take a gun course and have one for protection. I'm not ready to take that route yet.

*The next day was beach day! It was great. Sunny and hot.

* My sister and I flew out Friday night. The kids stayed.

*Back to Atlanta for a day. Lunch with her husband and in-laws for Father's Day.

*Next we flew to Charleston for a sister's retreat. We stayed in an awesome hotel right in the middle of the marketplace. We shopped and ate. Took a carriage ride. Had the best shrimp and grits EVER! Seriously, that was our favorite part of the trip.

* Back home to Atlanta. Then home for me.

I love traveling but I love being home too!