Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Editor

My last post was about the book (well, one of the books) I am currently reading. The first chapter talks about the need for an editor in your life. Nathan was David's editor. He spoke the truth in love to David when he saw him falter. Your Nathan will 1) get under your skin 2) ask questions 3)tell the truth.
Most of us think of this person as accountablity. The author prefers "editability" (he stole the term from another author). Editors call out the things that need to be changed to make you the best you can be.
I have 3 people in my life that I call "all access" people. They are the people that I trust to ask the hard questions and expect an answer. They get to speak into my life when they see good or bad. They know me. I trust that they are looking out for my good no matter how uncomfortable they make me. They are the ones I have to have the hard conversations with so that I can be better. The beauty of it is that they understand they have rights and power to speak into my life and they don't take it lightly. These people are SO important to my life and helping me in my walk.

I won't write about every chapter from the book but I thought this was good and important to share.

So "Who's your editor?". If you don't have one....GET ONE!

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Debbie said...

I couldn't agree more. BUT you can't just "get one" if you know what I mean. You have to get close enough to a godly person and the relationship grows into this editor relationship. If you have one you are truly blessed. I didn't have one for years and now I do and I do not take the blessing of it lightly. We also have to be humble enough to put ourselves into the position to welcome the comments from the editor. It can be hard for some people because of past hurts. Satan wants to rip apart our self-esteem so that we are not healthy enough to welcome this kind of constructive criticism. BUT we need to trust God and say...bring it on!