Friday, April 4, 2008

Alabama Roadside Assistance

If you've been around me much you have come to realize that it's always an adventure with me. My trip to Alabama to visit Miki did not disappoint.

I had been at Miki's house for a while when we went outside to grill. While out there Miki noticed my car looked like it had a flat tire. Well, she was right. It was late and getting dark so we decided to wait until the next day to deal with it.

Let me just say that Miki and I both know how to change a tire. We, however, prefer not to. So Wade was at a meeting and I decided to call my roadside assistance ( this is what I pay for...why break a nail). I forgot that they would be sending an Alabama roadside assistance person. Here's how it went:

First, my insurance called back and said it would be 45 minutes before help arrived. I decided to jump in the shower since I had so much time. 5 minutes later Miki yells through the door that I've got 5 minutes! The guy called for directions and was at most 5 minutes away. I didn't have time to get ready so Miki agreed to go out and "be me" while I stayed in and fed Drew.

I popped the trunk and she met him outside.
* first reason to worry : he looked in the trunk and said "where's the tire"....Miki lifts the carpet to reveal the tire and jack (we should have sent him away at this point)

*He looks at the jack and says "looks like you've done this before". Miki replies "yeah, I was going to do it myself once but decided I pay for roadside assist. so I would let them do it".
He replies "you don't look blonde!"

*He asks if she lives here and she says she's in town visiting a friend. He replies "I feel sorry for the friend!" I'm really surprised she didn't tell him off by this point. She was in shock.

*He bangs under the car a few times and puts the jack under it (not finding the groove, just a solid place). He starts jacking it up and suddenly stops and asks if the emergency brake is on. Miki reaches in on pulls it. He says " I don't want this thing rolling back on me". (It's front wheel drive, it would have been okay!)

* After removing the tire he looks over it and doesn't see anything obvious. Miki takes it and looks herself (we're not trusting his opinion too much at this point). She doesn't see anything obvious either and says "It must be a small pinhole or something". He says," Oh no ma'am. A pin wouldn't fit through a tire". She obviously didn't mean a REAL pin!

*I'm watching out the window during all this and can tell from her expressions things are not going well. Then I see him hold out his nasty hands and they start walking to the apartment. I'm thinking "I know he did not ask to wash his hands! If we were on the side of the road there wouldn't be a sink! Come prepared! They come in and he washes his hands (I'm holding my cell phone ready to call for help if necessary. I'm a little paranoid). He washes his hands, does his paper work (that says Mr. Harrison is the person he's helped), then leaves.

*Turns out the belt in my tire had broken. The tire guy said that it's not unusual for the tire to blow out with that problem. I'm very glad it didn't since I was cruising on the interstate the whole way. A blow out could have been deadly. Again, God protected me from harm....but not the stupidity of others! :)


Debbie C. said...

Sounds like something off of I Love Lucy. What a jerk!!
Glad everything turned out alright.

rickwomack said...

well, the good news - you didn't wreck! (perhaps you're working on a record here for longest times between wrecks)...

even better news, you're not in Georgia right now to hit anyone else...

even better, better news than that, the bad roadside assistant guy lives in Alabama and not in Georgia...

even better, better, better news...this is an hilarious story - too bad it's not on video - agree with DC above, it does sound like an I Love Lucy episode...