Monday, January 21, 2008

Dream a Responsible Dream

New Church Sign: "Dream Responsibly" (I didn't have my camera handy for this one)

Hmmm... Sounds a lot like "Drink Responsibly" which is a beer commercial. So they want me to get a designated dreamer? .....They don't want me to dream huge God sized dreams so I don't get disappointed?.....

What should be on a church sign?..... Name of Church, Service times, Pastor (unless there's a high turnover rate :P).... that's about all that's necessary... Keep it simple.


about me... said...

website...specifically, if it's identifiable easily, then (or whatever) - if not easily identifiable (such as - then use the "www" part - btw, the sscsiwig stands for "some stupic church sign is what i got"

don't really need the phone number or really even the pastor's name - just give me the name of the church and the website - if i'm interested, i'll check it out

Debbie P. said...

What in the world is a responsible dream? That was is confusing for sure!