Thursday, September 27, 2007

Out of Control

Hey everybody...I have to share a story with you that I heard the other day. I am SO not into sports but this story caught my attention because the guy was such an idiot. But it got me thinking. Anyway, there is a baseball player who got aggravated at an accusation that an umpire made at him. He accused the player of throwing his bat at someone....An accusation that was not legitimate, and unsubstantiated, so I'm sure you can guess what happened, the puffed up baseball player explodes into an argument with the umpire and totally.

We've all seen it, two people arguing their point, and truly believing that their side of the story is the ultimate reality. I suppose I could understand a heated debate over a life and death issue, or something that will actually have an effect on your life, but something so foolish? Come on! The guy got so mad he ended up tearing his knee up while pushing up on the umpire to argue, and will miss the end of the season. All over an accusation and opinion of another person that was not even true! He listened to the voice of the accuser and let it get him all bent out of shape, LITERALLY!

You know where I'm goin don't ya? How many times do we spend the breath that God gave us to Praise Him disagreeing over things that DO NOT MATTER?!! Listen, I understand the need to defend yourself at times regarding accusations that are illegitimate (believe me, I have shut my mouth when I had every right to open it WIDE!!), but why not save those times for situations that carry weight? Just refuse to argue over foolish things...period. You will end up getting your emotions out of alignment, which will end up causing other areas of your life to suffer and become injured, just like the baseball player.

One foolish disagreement led to an injury that took him out of the rest of the season. It took him out of his calling, out of his profession, out of the thing that he loved to do, play baseball. Who knows, he may have hit a homerun in tonights game, but he will never know. He is out. He is finished. And I guarantee you if you asked him "was it worth it", he would say no way! Foolish confrontations will take you right out of the rhythm of your life. Emotional misalignment will force you into pain that you do not want to endure. So the next time that special someone pushes your buttons, tell them your argumentative, easily adjitated side is "OUT OF ORDER." Spend the emotion on something that will make a difference, and not hurt you. Don't let the voice of the accuser send you spinning out of control!

So, that's my lesson learned from a sports story. There may be hope for me yet!


Debbie C. said...

Wow, really good post!! I think of the Proverb that says "don't let a curse alight." Meaning just cuz someone says it, doesn't mean it's true. Only you and God know if someone something says is true or not. Most of the time, what people say about us is not true but just perceptions based on their own reality (which usually has lots of factors involved such as emotions). What really matters is what God thinks!! Thanks for the reminder.

Todd Strickland said...

Here is something for you the non sports fan to think about. When it comes to caring about sports and lets just say UGA football for instance. Its not just a football game, its OUR way of life versus there way of life. Now thats big stuff sister!!!! Our way of life in Georgia rules and we should win every time!!! Keep in mind I don't get excited very easily...

Debbie said...

Wow that was powerful stuff. It is so cool to be able to see a devotion in anything, even sports. But it is so true, the accuser is working over time and I must admit I fall pray to his tactics all to often. The older I get the more I am learning though. God willing I can just keep my eyes on JESUS through all aspects of life and only lean on HIM. That will fix all of this!