Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Here's a quick rundown of my 31st birthday.

*Turning 31 was much easier than 30. No drama this year.

* I had a serious stomach ache at the end of the day. Why? Because I had 3, yes 3, birthday cakes. I was feeling VERY loved. I usually make birthday cakes for everyone else. So apparently this year everyone felt the need to return the favor. I had a German Chocolate (my favorite), an Oreo Cheese Cake ( a close second for favorite), and a Chocolate Cake with two kinds of Chocolate Icing. THEN I went to a wedding shower. I mindlessly took a piece of cake and started eating. After the first bite I looked at my friend and said "why am I eating this?". She laughed. I stopped eating. Miki assures me that I'm exempted from the "gluttony is a sin" rule on my birthday. It's a good thing!

* I got a Starbuck's gift card! YIPPEE!! I love me some Starbuck's!

* I got some other great gifts, lots of cards, e-mails, and phone calls. I am feeling very blessed and very loved.

I think I'll go eat some more cake now.... ;)


about me said...

happy late birthday!

Todd said...

No calories on your birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Debbie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad you were so blessed! I think each time we round the corner and turn into the next decade it is weird and even can be traumatic, but it is true that the next year is easier. I'll be honest, though, I turned 41 this year and I love being this age. Youth (being younger than me anyway) is HIGHLY over rated! Love ya!

Debbie C. said...

Yes, cake is always okay on your birthday, and lots of it. I'm glad you had a great celebration. It's always hard celebrating the decades like 30, 40 or 50. (don't worry-I'm a ways from 60) All three of those were tuff for me. But after that it's a breeze. It's like someone said to me once, the alternative is pretty lousy. Happy 31 and many more to come!!