Thursday, September 27, 2007

Out of Control

Hey everybody...I have to share a story with you that I heard the other day. I am SO not into sports but this story caught my attention because the guy was such an idiot. But it got me thinking. Anyway, there is a baseball player who got aggravated at an accusation that an umpire made at him. He accused the player of throwing his bat at someone....An accusation that was not legitimate, and unsubstantiated, so I'm sure you can guess what happened, the puffed up baseball player explodes into an argument with the umpire and totally.

We've all seen it, two people arguing their point, and truly believing that their side of the story is the ultimate reality. I suppose I could understand a heated debate over a life and death issue, or something that will actually have an effect on your life, but something so foolish? Come on! The guy got so mad he ended up tearing his knee up while pushing up on the umpire to argue, and will miss the end of the season. All over an accusation and opinion of another person that was not even true! He listened to the voice of the accuser and let it get him all bent out of shape, LITERALLY!

You know where I'm goin don't ya? How many times do we spend the breath that God gave us to Praise Him disagreeing over things that DO NOT MATTER?!! Listen, I understand the need to defend yourself at times regarding accusations that are illegitimate (believe me, I have shut my mouth when I had every right to open it WIDE!!), but why not save those times for situations that carry weight? Just refuse to argue over foolish things...period. You will end up getting your emotions out of alignment, which will end up causing other areas of your life to suffer and become injured, just like the baseball player.

One foolish disagreement led to an injury that took him out of the rest of the season. It took him out of his calling, out of his profession, out of the thing that he loved to do, play baseball. Who knows, he may have hit a homerun in tonights game, but he will never know. He is out. He is finished. And I guarantee you if you asked him "was it worth it", he would say no way! Foolish confrontations will take you right out of the rhythm of your life. Emotional misalignment will force you into pain that you do not want to endure. So the next time that special someone pushes your buttons, tell them your argumentative, easily adjitated side is "OUT OF ORDER." Spend the emotion on something that will make a difference, and not hurt you. Don't let the voice of the accuser send you spinning out of control!

So, that's my lesson learned from a sports story. There may be hope for me yet!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Fall!

Today is the first day of fall. The weather last Sunday was more fall like today than today's was. I'm looking forward to the crisp autumn air, leaves changing colors, and all the other wonderful sights and smells of autumn. I went shopping with a friend yesterday and bought new air fresheners for my home in fall scents. "Spiced Cider" will soon replace "Honeysuckle". Gevalia will be sending me "Pecan Torte" coffee. It's a a seasonal favorite of mine. It smells amazing and tastes even better! So Happy Fall Ya'll!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Here's a quick rundown of my 31st birthday.

*Turning 31 was much easier than 30. No drama this year.

* I had a serious stomach ache at the end of the day. Why? Because I had 3, yes 3, birthday cakes. I was feeling VERY loved. I usually make birthday cakes for everyone else. So apparently this year everyone felt the need to return the favor. I had a German Chocolate (my favorite), an Oreo Cheese Cake ( a close second for favorite), and a Chocolate Cake with two kinds of Chocolate Icing. THEN I went to a wedding shower. I mindlessly took a piece of cake and started eating. After the first bite I looked at my friend and said "why am I eating this?". She laughed. I stopped eating. Miki assures me that I'm exempted from the "gluttony is a sin" rule on my birthday. It's a good thing!

* I got a Starbuck's gift card! YIPPEE!! I love me some Starbuck's!

* I got some other great gifts, lots of cards, e-mails, and phone calls. I am feeling very blessed and very loved.

I think I'll go eat some more cake now.... ;)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A baby divided....

It's college football season. My best friend Miki is an Auburn Tigers fan. Her husband is a Georgia Bulldog fan. In the past they have co-existed somewhat peacefully during football season. This year they have a four month old son. The deal last year when she was pregnant was that the baby would wear the team colors of the team that won the Auburn/Georgia game. At her baby shower in Alabama (where they currently reside) I gave her Auburn socks and an Auburn pacifier. At the shower in Georgia I gave Wade Georgia socks and a Georgia pacifier. They recently took this picture of Drew's feet:

I've heard of a house divided but they have a baby divided!

He's a happy little man either way. He'll probably grow up and be a Florida fan!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Spare Clothes

When I taught pre-school and kindergarten I required my students to keep a spare set of clothes at school in case of an accident. Sometimes my second graders have had to go to the clothes closet to get clothes because they've torn them or gotten them wet on the playground. Today I was the one in need of a spare shirt! I spilled coffee all down the front of my shirt because I was trying to hold my coffee, two bags, and unlock the classroom door. The massive stains on my shirt were too much for the Tide Pen I keep in my desk drawer. So I frantically went in search of a light weight jacket to cover my stains until my best friends husband brought me one of her shirts to change in to. Definitely not the way I wanted to start my Monday morning. The rest of the day was much better!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! This is known as the unofficial end of summer. For me summer ends when school starts back. I don't travel nearly as much once school is in session. Weekend trips are sometimes more exhausting than relaxing so it doesn't seem worth it. This weekend I went to see my sister and her family. Had a great time. My sis and I went shopping and had loads of fun. I had to cut the long weekend short to get back to COTN to lead worship on Sunday. The choir and band were awesome. I'm so blessed by the great team of people we have. Today I'm writing lesson plans, catching up on some housework, and then I'm off to party with the Womack's and Patrice's family. All in all, it's been a good weekend. It's back to work tomorrow...