Saturday, August 4, 2007

They Call Me Crash! :)

They say things happen in three's. Last night on my way home from Liberation Athens I was in my 3rd car wreck this year. So now I'm done! A car pulled out in front of me leaving me no where to go. I T-boned them. My car spun around a few times and the airbags deployed. I walked away with very little injury. I'm bruised, sore, and my wrist is burned from the airbag. It is but by the grace of God! The people in the other car cleaned out some of their stuff and ran away on foot before I could get over to them. There was a witness who stopped and helped me. He was also helpful in talking with the police about the other people in the car. By the time I left they found 1 of the 4. The girl said she didn't know the driver he was "just some dude" she got in the car with.... RIGHT!. Anyway, she was in the back of the squad car when I left. The police were still looking for the other 3. I'm so grateful no one was seriously injured. He are some pics:


Debbie said...

Kendall went to Josh's party today and told me about your wreck. I am so sorry. I am thankful you were not seriously injured. I remember about 15 years ago, Melvin and I had about 3 wrecks one year. I told everyone that I felt as if I had a big yellow X on my car saying "hit me". It got to where it was almost funny. Notice I said "almost". It is never fun to have an accident and I'm sorry about the "dude" that hit you. I'll be praying all turns out well. Love ya!!

Chris said...

I thought 2 wrecks in a year for us last year was quite a bit, but I know that 3 is way too much! You are in our prayers.

Chris & Shawna