Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm Getting a New Car

It's official.... My car is totaled. Gotta say I'm kinda glad. I think it might be cursed (LOL). I've been wreck free (with the exception of an altercation with a stump in college....) my entire driving career. Then 3 wrecks in 7 months. So my credit union has a car buying service. They do the shopping and haggling. Then they bring the car to me to let me test drive it. It's a beautiful thing. So my car guy is shopping for my car this weekend. Hopefully another Honda Accord, Ford Fusion, or something like that. I told him 4 doors, air condition, key less entry, CD player, no leather. He asked if I cared about alloy wheels. I told him I don't know what they are so apparently not. He explained what they were and I still didn't care. I told him that 's why he was doing the shopping. He said "so you want the best car for the best value". Yep, that 's about it. :)

I'll let you know how it turns out. He said give him a day or two. Insurance pays for the rental through Thursday. Two people have offered to give me rides to and from work. One co-worker has an extra car and offered to let me drive hers if I need extra time. I have prayed for things to go smoothly and quickly. God has answered that and so much more. I am so blessed with great friends. Oh, and I'm getting about $3,400 more than I owe for my car to put toward my new one! Another answered prayer!

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Debbie said...

God is so incredible, it's really humbling, isn't it. I'm happy for you that you're getting a new car. Maybe this one won't have the big red X that says "hit me" on it. Your comment about the alloy
wheels was pretty funny. I'm like you, who cares, just so long it runs and does what I need it to do. Take care!!