Monday, July 23, 2007

One More Day

Well, I have one last day of freedom before I must return to work. Yep, I have pre-planning starting on Wednesday. The students return on August 1. It's really early but we get a lot of breaks. So I'm hoping to sleep in and totally enjoy my final day of summer vacation. "Summer Rachel" is about to go away and "School Year Rachel" will be returning. (These names have been given to me by those who notice how much less stressed I am in the summer.) Maybe I can keep up the smiling stress free summer Rachel for a while longer!


about me said...

that too is our prayer...btw, you rocked on sunday morning - way to go.

Debbie said...

So, I guess Summertime Rachel and School Year Rachel is kind of like School Time Barbie and Rock Star Barbie?? Let's see, we can add a few more hats; like Cheesecake Rachel and Wedding Coordinator Rachel. Hey, this is pretty fun!!

The Management :) said...

In the sagest of wisdom passed to us by one of the wisest of men (George Costanza), remember..."a Rachel divided against herself cannot stand." I think he might have stolen that quote from a pretty good Book I'm reading.

Here's to the Summertime Rachel groove while in the School Year Rachel grind!