Friday, July 13, 2007

Alabama Church Signs

In my travels I have found that Alabama churches have some of the best church signs. Here are the highlights:

"Recycle Prayer's It Works" - Wow, all this time I've been coming up with new prayers and I could have been recycling someone else's! Such a waste.

"You will never be found until you realize you are lost" - Profound don't you think? My friend Jana said, "I hope that if I'm ever on a hike in the woods and I wander off the trail and I hit my head and become unconscious, therefore not realizing I am lost, that someone would send a search party to look for me anyway. Ha ha. :-) "

"Shoes Optional" - This is necessary to get good attendance in Alabama. I'm surprised it didn't say "tooth optional"!

And my personal favorite:
"Come Check Out Our Prophet Sharing Program" - But I don't want to share the prophet! I want my own.... How long did they sit in staff meeting thinking this one up?


Chris said...

Church sign spotted near my house:


Thought you might add that to your church sign collection. Anyways, just wanted to extend a warm welcome to the blogosphere and looking forward to hearing more from you.

Chris Collick

Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel, I was reading the things you love and you actually stated that you love North Carolina BBQ, I was wondering if you had ever ate GA BBQ and if so why your blog still states that one of your favorite things is NC BBQ?!?!?!?
Your friend Todd!!!

Rachel said...

I have tried to eat what you Georgian's call BBQ. I was raised on the "real" stuff in NC. :)