Monday, July 30, 2007

The insanity continues...

It seems I have caused my friends to be more aware of the ridiculous church signs that are all around them. I love the fact that people are e-mailing and telling me the crazy things they read. Here are two from this past week:

Thanks to Debbie for this one:


My friend Jana sent me this one. We are both a little confused about the message(more than usual):


My first instinct was to laugh, but I wasn't sure if the mistakenly missing word made the saying more profound or if it made it ridiculous. Maybe you can help me. They forgot the word "in."
- Jana

Friday, July 27, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Controversy

My friend Miki likes to send me random news stories she reads on the internet. She was really fired up about this one! It made me laugh. Miki wants to know who they think they are trying to change St. Patrick's day to suit them. I say let's just celebrate twice! I like green... reminds me of Starbuck's.... and I REALLY like Starbuck's!

Monday, July 23, 2007

One More Day

Well, I have one last day of freedom before I must return to work. Yep, I have pre-planning starting on Wednesday. The students return on August 1. It's really early but we get a lot of breaks. So I'm hoping to sleep in and totally enjoy my final day of summer vacation. "Summer Rachel" is about to go away and "School Year Rachel" will be returning. (These names have been given to me by those who notice how much less stressed I am in the summer.) Maybe I can keep up the smiling stress free summer Rachel for a while longer!

Church Identity Crisis?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Worship Lyrics

I started to title this "Top Ten Worst Worship Songs" however I realized that most songs on my list are not ALL bad. They are just victim to some poor lyric writing. I am not trying to be overly critical .I'm just stating my observations and opinions. I do not write songs because they would probably suck and be on this list. So offer your insights and opinions but don't tell me I'm going to hell because I don't like somebody's worship song. 'KAY

Also note these are in no particular order.

1. "I will not forget you" - the line that says "a huge bell I ring". I don't get it. I understand that ring rhymes with sing but come on...

2. "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" - I have 2 issues with this one. First of all I COULD do a lot of things...doesn't mean I'm going to. When I lead this one I change it to "I Will". Secondly, "Oh I feel like dancing" ...NO I DON'T! The music does not fit the lyric. I have to give props to my band and especially Larry the drummer from Cathedral of Praise. One day I said "play it so I feel like dancing" and they rocked it out!

3. "In the Secret" - I love this song when it is done slow. The fast version doesn't work for me. "In the secret.. In the quiet place" doesn't work with drums pounding and guitars wailing.

4. "I'll Let My Words be Few" - I really like this song until the end when the worship leader sings "I'll let my words be few" 12 times. After the first 2 or 3 I imagine God saying "I wish you would.." It makes me laugh when I'm singing it.

5. Any song with la,la or na, na... Especially na, na! La, la can be justified that your singing with "a child like faith". Na, Na... not so much.

6. "Worthy Is the Lamb" (Hillsongs) - I received an e-mail from a friend asking about the line "the Darling of Heaven crucified". Some people hate it, some don't care. The jury is still out.

7. "I Feel Like Praising Him" - I didn't used to have an issue with this one. And I really like the song a alot. But one Sunday I was pretty sick and was singing this in the choir and I assure you I didn't feel like praising. My flesh felt like going to bed. My spirit was good with praising. I was caught between the two. I chose to press on and praise because it's what I'm called and created to do... It's not about feelings!

8. "Mercy Is Falling" - I've never loved this song but I would sing it. Then I went to a worship conference in Atlanta. The speaker said they can't sing this song in his neighborhood because of the chorus..."Hey ho I receive your mercy". It was ruined for me. I can't sing it with a straight face.

9 and 10. For those who attended Cathedral of Praise before I became the worship leader... "Feed My Sheep" and "Cain't nobody"- No it's not misspelled. That's how they sang it. And the verse to "Cain't nobody" that goes "not my brother, not my sister/ not my dog and not my cat/ cain't nobody love me like that". I am not making this up. It was used in actual worship sets. Farm animals and household pets should not be included in adult worship songs..EVER!

I'm sure there are more but I'll stop for now. If you've ever wondered what was going through my head while I'm on stage worshipping now you know. Opinions and additions are welcome.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who's Donald?!?!

My friend sent me this ridiculous church sign. I usually crop out the name of the church to protect the identity of the guilty but I had to keep this one because it leaves me wondering, "Who's Donald?". Please note that he is not the pastor. But Pastor James is very concerned about the well being of his dog... forget the rest of the PEOPLE they could be ministering to now if they weren't use this sign for such a ridiculous message now!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Confessions of a Hillsong Fan...

If you know me very well at all then you know I am a big Hillsong fan... actually I'm more of a Darlene Zschech fan but she is the Hillsong worship leader. Anyway, I got the new Hillsong CD Saviour King in the mail last week. (US release date is the end of this month. I got it early cause I'm a crazed fan!) I've listened to it for over a week now and I gotta admit I don't love it (gasp). It has some good lyrics within songs but there is not one whole song that I have just fallen in love with. My Hillsong days may be in the past....

In other news... Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA has released a new CD. It's wonderful. If you like Lakewood, Israel Houghton (he's actually on the recording), and Hillsong you will most likely enjoy this CD. It has a great mix of upbeat praise and sincere heart cry worship. There is a prophetic song called My Nation Healed that brings me to a place of intercession every time I hear it. There are a couple of songs sung in both English and Spanish. I love the mix of cultures. It's awesome to "hear the sound of the nations" in their worship.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Alabama Church Signs

In my travels I have found that Alabama churches have some of the best church signs. Here are the highlights:

"Recycle Prayer's It Works" - Wow, all this time I've been coming up with new prayers and I could have been recycling someone else's! Such a waste.

"You will never be found until you realize you are lost" - Profound don't you think? My friend Jana said, "I hope that if I'm ever on a hike in the woods and I wander off the trail and I hit my head and become unconscious, therefore not realizing I am lost, that someone would send a search party to look for me anyway. Ha ha. :-) "

"Shoes Optional" - This is necessary to get good attendance in Alabama. I'm surprised it didn't say "tooth optional"!

And my personal favorite:
"Come Check Out Our Prophet Sharing Program" - But I don't want to share the prophet! I want my own.... How long did they sit in staff meeting thinking this one up?

Next Week: The Faithfulness of Fried Chicken